William E Bohl

I’m currently working on my second novel, tentatively titled JESUIT GOLD. Brad, Laka, and Targurt are back with several new characters in this new action-adventure story that takes place deep in the Amazon rainforest.

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Cache of the Jaguar, my first novel, is a modern day, fast moving, action-adventure-thriller story. I plan to find a literary agent soon to get it published.

Cover design will likely change when published.

At an estate sale, Brad, an aimless college dropout, stumbles upon a mysterious heavy-duty travel chest that belonged to the sole survivor of an expedition into the Amazon basin. Brad’s good friend Jon helps him untangle the chest’s secrets, leading to a hunt for ruins and treasure, for Brad, Jon, and three other friends, deep in a remote corner of the Brazilian rainforest.

The friends must work together to survive hardships and calamities while following clues that take them into unexplored, restricted regions of Amazonia. Their earlier misfortunes pale when they come face-to-face with hostile warriors from an uncontacted, Indigenous tribe whose terror tactics and cannibalism have always protected their forest’s secrets.

The group aids and befriends a young native girl along their journey who will prove instrumental in their quest and ultimate survival.