I’ve written numerous works of verse, poetry, and song lyrics over the years. I’ll put a sampling of them here. If you happen to find this page, let me know what you think. Watch for additions.

Hope you Enjoy!

On the Streets            William E Bohl


Your life is cheap when you live on the streets

Nobody would care and no one would weep

If I disappear or I collapse in a heap

Some would think, just one less deadbeat


Hey mister mayor, don’t give me grief

just give me a break and let me sleep


I’m not evil and really not bad

But I don’t fit with that job in the ad

Maybe it’s depression, maybe the booze

But I can’t climb out, I always lose


It’s a deep dark hole I’m wallowing in

A survival game that I just can’t win

When people see me they look away

And herd their kids another way


I disrupt your vision of how life should be

Give me a buck if you want to help

But don’t give me shit or sympathy

It’s my life, please let me be me

From Above        William E Bohl


Standing on the peak I’m looking down

There’s nowhere higher as I look around

I spread my arms and close my eyes

Feet on the Earth, face towards the sky


I open my mind to what’s truly real

Things that last for millions of years

The here and now are fleeting in time

All our worries aren’t worth a dime


I open my heart to fellow travelers

On this rock of celestial matter

Our differences pale to what we share

But some are crying and I should care


I open my eyes and I look around

Our world is a beauty, life abounds

Now I’m above it all in a physical way

But down there for the rest of my days


On the line on our journey through time

The future’s ahead, the past’s behind

Need to do something now for mankind

There are no takebacks with lost time

Across the Inn      William E Bohl


She was hanging with friends across the inn

Laughing and yakking like a bunch of hens

I saw her there when I glanced that way

And something about her made me gaze

She looked my way, my heart skipped a beat

But being shy I looked down at my feet


She was the prettiest girl in the place

Her long blond hair framed a cute face

A carefree laugh and an awesome smile

She was dazzling and I loved her style

The problem was I was nervous as sin

And as motionless as a manikin


Next thing I knew she was up from her chair

She had a nice figure and a wonderful pair

Then, shit, she came heading my way

I figured that soon she would turn away

But she didn’t turn and was looking at me

She got to my table and said “Hi, I’m Chee”


I’m not accustomed to this situation

And my heart was having palpitations

I looked around, no one else was there

So, I dribbled out, “Aah hi, I’m Blair”

“Is that seat taken?” I heard her say

“Oh no, no, please take the chair”


We had a few drinks and I loosened up

I heard about her job and a new pup

After a while she got to her feet

Then she pulled me out of my seat

And said, “Let’s go someplace,” and led

I learned about love that night in her bed

Black Vulture         William E Bohl


Head like a nut sack, such a loathsome sight

So vile on the talon but smooth in flight

You are so lowly but can soar so high

Wish like you I could fly through the sky


What do you see from so high when you soar?

Are you focused upon the blood and gore?

Or, during your tour do you see a lot more?


Do you see me gazing up in the air?

Wondering what you can see from up there

Skimming the clouds, just a spot in the sky

It must be for joy that you soar so high


What do you see from so high when you soar?

Are you focused upon the blood and gore?

Or, during your tour do you see a lot more?


Ugly evil demon all dressed in black

I wish I could be with you as you tack

You are such a cool sight gliding around

But dreadful when eating rot on the ground


What do you see from so high when you soar?

Are you focused upon the blood and gore?

Or, during your tour do you see a lot more?


You see the big picture from up so high

I wonder what you think of what you eye?

As you soar above the dirt, trash, and sand

Do you think we spoiled and ruined our land?


What do you see from so high when you soar?

Are you focused upon those you deplore?

Or, during your tour do you see a lot more?


What do you see when you soar in your jet

Looking down on the poor and oppressed

What can you get, what can you take?

All that matters is increasing your stake


What do you see from so high when you soar?

Are you just focused upon making a score?

Or, during your tour do you see a lot more?

Not a Real Person      William E Bohl


Drips of sweat running down my cheeks

My shirt is soaked, my body reeks

It’s been a long day out in the heat

Driving nails so my kids can eat

Been doing this job for several years

Came to this place to escape the tears

My life here sucks, I’ve got no rights

Keep my head down, avoid any fights


I’m not a real person, I don’t belong

I try to survive and send money home

Boss man knows and treats me wrong


I loved the country that I left

The people and land were the best

But things got bad and work was slow

When I could work, the pay was low

The bands and gangs ran the place

Tried to make me carry a piece

So I had to leave my wife and kids

I’d get them later and keep them hid


We headed north cause it made some sense

I came across where there was no fence

Just miles of mountains, cactus, and snakes

Water ran out, my friend would not wake

So, I was alone when I made it here

Filled with both hope and a lot of fear

Now surviving is like rolling the dice

Always watching for the cops and ICE 

Johnny Cool           William E Bohl


It’s Friday, hot, electricity’s in the air

We’re partying down at the Melancholy Fool

When my buddy says, crap dude, over there…

We really can’t compare, that’s Johnny Cool


With his brown polyester suit

Silk shirt, bells, and disco shoes

I think awwwwwwwww shoot

We can’t compete with Johnny Cool


There’s a hot chick with lots of charm

Johnny simply couldn’t ask for more

So he heads right over, grabs her arm

Drags her towards the big dance floor


The music is extremely loud and electric

Beat is simple but strong and effective

But the crowd parts to let them through

Cause everybody knows it’s Johnny Cool


On the floor they’ve got plenty of space

Since most backed off and stare like fools

They all wish that they had what it takes

To be as happening as Johnny Cool


For quite a while he rules the floor

Then takes the hotty towards the door

The other women are left to drool

Asking why not me with Johnny Cool

Stowaway from You       William E Bohl


I thought we had a good thing, but hadn’t a clue

So had to stowaway to get far away from you

You screwed up my life and I have to start new

So, I sneaked on this craft and hid in a loo



You’ve screwed up my life

And left me no choice, so it’s



Time to move on, to go somewhere new

I’ll stowaway, I’ll stowaway from you


You lost all my money and put me in debt

Re-possessors were calling and making me sweat

They took everything and still gave me threats

Leaving you and the Earth became my best bet


I hear the engines starting, feel the ship shaking

The gs are building and my whole body’s aching

There’s no turning back, I’m now on my way

All will be good if I can get through this day


Don’t know where I’m going or what I’ll do

I hate leaving behind all that I knew

But I’ll start a new life wherever I go

Just get some work and go with the flow

Free to Fly        William E Bohl


Won’t let you tell me what to do

Don’t try to tell me where to go

Your tests are wrong, I could shine

Please cut these chains so I can fly


You’ve gotta be free to fly


What would I do, where would I go?

I’m scared and I just don’t know

The man keeps me sheltered and safe

I don’t need to think, just do okay


No, No, I need freedom from the lies

I won’t let them control the way I live

I will melt these chains so I can thrive

Reforge the steel to build my drive


Now that I’m under no constraints

No longer in a box, in a free state

It’s up to me, I’ve no more complaints

I’m now in full control of my fate

Recycler           William E Bohl


The controllers say you’re a load

With your age you’re getting slow

They want to add your bio mass

To the huge food vats, down below


Hurry, Hurry, try to run

The recycler is coming

And you are the one


I hear the transport coming

It’s just down the course

So, hurry, we have to race

Catch a ship and flee this place


Hell no, you ass hole

Find another for your load

You can’t take my mother

She’s special, like no other


I’ll work extra hard

Get her back in the black

We shouldn’t have run

Let her go out with class


They do need the mass

But why can’t they wait

Till she’s ready to pass

Instead she’s treated like trash

Forest Queen     William E Bohl


She started as a sprout long ago

Always knew which way to grow

She developed strong boughs

And grew tall and proud


She survived fires, disease, and winds

Natives gathered beneath her limbs

Suffering warriors died in her shade

Soldier’s lead buried within her skin


Her sisters were leveled for a farm

A house was built under her arms

She has watched many kids grow

They climbed her limbs but didn’t know


Now a bulldozer has appeared

She doesn’t know the end is near

Must clear the land, put in a mall

The extra taxes will help us all


She never cried, she never fought

But nature has lost another fight

Queen of the forest has lost the clash

She’s now reduced to mulch and ash

Retiree             William E Bohl


In a moment of insight and some clarity

Told my boss I’m ready to be a retiree

I was so sick of the cold, I needed to flee

Gave my coats and sweaters to a charity


I’ve worked long enough, it’s time for fun

Gonna move on to warm weather and sun


So I’m heading out to where it’s warm

Get me some land, maybe a small farm

Somewhere by the beach having some charm

Just a safe little cottage with a burglar alarm


I packed my things to move to Ecuador

I’ll look for a nice place along the shore

Get a good dog and perhaps a nice girl

Just soak in the sun and the local lore


Maybe get a guitar and learn a few chords

Learn to surf and pick up a nice board

I’ll drive into town to get things I need

Guess I’ll need to find an old trusty ford

Terrors in the Night    William E Bohl


Thousands of feet above the ground

On a tightrope looking down

I work my way along the wire

I can’t escape, it’s getting dire

I’m so afraid I’ll lose it all

I begin to panic, begin to fall


Terrors in the night, not sure what’s real

When it’s dark I can’t deal with the fear


He’s chasing me and I can’t get away

I keep running but don’t know the way

Coming from the shadows with a knife

He wants to slash me and take my life

No matter how I turn, which way I go

Feel my heart beating, my fear grows


The walls are closing in on me

I cannot see, but it feels real

No fresh air, the room is sealed

I’m trapped inside, I can’t breathe

Soaked with sweat, I cannot hide

I want to run and get outside


In a classroom at a desk

Worried shitless bout a test

I’m not sure of the class

But it’s critical that I pass

The other students are doing fine

I’m panicking, watching the time


I’m panicking and filled with dread

For there’s a creature under my bed

I know it’s there, don’t need to check

I hide in blankets covered in sweat

Don’t know how to cope with the threat

I’m shaking and feeling so wet