Fred wasn’t into visiting strip joints, but sometimes, Jason from the lunch group, would pick the Lucky Lady when it was his Friday to choose the restaurant. So, over their lunch break the previous week, they climbed into a car and headed over the county line to eat burgers and ogle women.

In wanting to be a team player, Fred exchanged some larger bills for smaller ones at the bar to tip the dancers, and then sat with the others in front of the stage waiting for their waitress. Lucy, who was his favorite of the strippers, was taking her turn on the stage.

“Hey Fred, Lucy will finish her dance soon, why don’t you get a lap dance when she’s done,” Jason suggested. “We all know you like her.”

Fred broke his eyes away from Lucy. “Oh no, I don’t think so.”

“Aw, come on, don’t be a wuss,” Jason said.

Having never gotten a lap dance before, he eventually relented.


* * *


Thanksgiving morning, Fred, his wife Gina, and their two children went to Aunt Beth’s. It was her turn to host the extended family’s turkey meal. Thanksgiving was always a good chance to catch up with the relatives and watch football. They were enjoying the first game of the day when he noticed Cousin Pete arrive with a pretty blond. He was shocked when he did a doubletake and saw that it was Lucy from the Lucky Lady at his side. Oh crap, he thought to himself. Lucy’s gaze fixed on him for a few moments and then she quickly looked away. Then she appeared to avoid making further eye contact.

Before they sat down, Pete announced to the crowd, “Hey everyone, this is Patricia. I figured this would be a good chance for her to finally meet everyone.” Then he pointed around the room and identified who they all were. When Pete got to him and Gina, Fred nodded at Lucy, but she looked elsewhere. Damn, I might not have known her real name, but I know where every mole and blemish are on her body. What is Pete thinking? And I had better keep Gina and Lucy, er Patricia, apart. Gina wouldn’t be happy about those lunches at the Lucky Lady.

Before long, Beth announced that dinner was ready, so the adults moved to the stretched-out dining table while the kids sat around a couple card tables in the kitchen nook. When they had settled into their seats Uncle Joe said, “Patricia, please tell us about yourself.”

“Well, I’m finishing up my engineering degree at Alabama – Huntsville. It has taken a while since my parents haven’t helped me and I’ve had to work long hours to get by. I get really good tips though at a restaurant.” Patricia glanced at Fred.

Fred gave her a thin smile as he visualized giving her the rolled-up twenty during the lap dance.